1. Our People: with cultural revitalization of the Alaska Native Community paired with diverse population.
  2. The beauty of the Kodiak Region and natural environment are ideal for residents and attractive for tourist activity.
  3. Strategic ice-free port location: The Gateway to the Arctic for ideal placement of military and Coast Guard population, marine services, and transportation/shipping.
  4. Low cost electricity on the Kodiak Road System and in Port Lions.
  5. Quality healthcare services.


  1. Cost & quality of housing; expensive & limited in inventory; limited rental options in villages and on Kodiak Road System. 
  2. Aging infrastructure in the City of Kodiak and throughout the villages. 
  3. Workforce shortage, declining population, and aging workforce.


  1. Community and Economic Development with long term sustainability and resilience in mind. 
  2. Enhancement of regional disaster implementation and response plans. 
  3. Community Plan Updates to support greater economic development. 
  4. Growing and stable military and Coast Guard population and increased retention of military incomes and investments. Potential location for ice-breaker placements. 
  5. Infrastructure investments from Federal economic development program through the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 
  6. Develop “Shovel Ready” projects in advance of future funding opportunities. 


  1. Reduced State of Alaska budget:
    1. Cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System (increasing freight and travel costs) and Kodiak Island Borough School District.
    2. Increased property taxes in the Kodiak Island Borough.
  2. Loss of population in village communities and outmigration in the Kodiak Island Borough. 
  3. School sizes in the village communities are on a decline. 
  4. Kodiak was not eligible or selected for Opportunity Zone. 
  5. Natural or Human disaster.
    1. e.g. COVID-19 Pandemic