FY 21 to FY 23 Scope of Work

1. Community and Regional Development Planning:

Work in collaboration with local city and borough officials, public and private sector representatives, tribal governments, and corporations—all comprising the Economic Strategy Committee and Village work groups—to provide the annual update to the Kodiak Rural Regional CEDS 2021‐2026. Many of the village communities in the Kodiak Archipelago are considered Distressed Communities.

2. Economic Development Partnerships:

Increase scope of Economic Development Partnerships: extend networking efforts to targeted organizations such as the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation; Alaska Sea Grant, the Kodiak Economic Development Corporation, the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, Kodiak College, Kodiak Archipelago Leadership Institute, University of Alaska Center for Economic Development (including the Alaska Cooperative Development Program & the Manufacturing Extension Partnership), and the Alaska Food Policy Council.

3. Workforce Development and Training:

a. Gap analysis of available skills/education/experience of local workforce versus industry needs

b. Create a strategy to bridge the workforce gap to fill Kodiak‐based employment with local workforce

4. Economic Diversification:

Projects/initiatives that diversify the Kodiak economy in order to bolster resilience and long-term recovery

5. Economic Sector Enhancements/Support:

a. Environmentally sustainable energy projects and initiatives and broadband internet access in Kodiak Archipelago village communities;

b. Maricultural (marine aquaculture) industry development, including processing, manufacturing, and product marketing;

c. Agriculture industry production, processing, and manufacturing;

d. Community-anchored fishery participation.