Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

KANA’s Economic Development Program utilizes the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) document as the basis for most of our work. The CEDS is a strategy-driven plan for regional economic development. The document addresses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the Kodiak Archipelago, taking into consideration the unique needs of each village. KANA is a recipient of the United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) Native Planning Grant; this grant supports an annual update of the CEDS, a complete rewrite of the CEDS every five years, and provides resources to regional stakeholders to work towards accomplishing Goals and Objectives that are documented in the CEDS.

The Economic Development Program also supports a variety of projects and initiatives in the Kodiak region, including energy infrastructure development, Farm to School implementation, and the exploration of the connectedness of climate change and economic development.

The Kodiak Island economy runs on unique natural resources and resilient people who recognize the power of working together. With funding from a 2020 federal Economic Development Administration Native Planning Grant, and collaboration with Kodiak Islands village Tribes, and Kodiak City and Borough governments, KANA published the 2021-2026 Kodiak Rural Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

Besides presenting an interesting picture of our regional economy and culture, the strategy describes how to advocate and provide technical assistance to the island’s communities to ensure a strong economic future. The plan highlights each of the six village communities, with unique insight into the strengths, opportunities, economic visions and goals that exist in each.