Village Programs

KANA’s Village Program administers grant funding and tribal services in Akhiok, Kaguyak Village and Kodiak’s Tangirnaq Native Village. We help ensure elders thrive with nutritious meals, and we train, equip and administer Kodiak Island’s Village Public Safety Officers.

The Elder Meals Program provides well-balanced meals to improve nutrition and provide a social outlet at communal meal services. Larsen Bay, Old Harbor, Ouzinkie, and Port Lions offer in-house and home-delivered meals multiple times per week. Elders in Akhiok and Karluk receive quarterly food boxes.

KANA administers tribal operations for the Akhiok, Kaguyak (Akhiok) and Tangirnaq (Kodiak) Tribes.

We work closely with tribal councils to implement and coordinate grant-funded programs and projects and help develop tribal business opportunities. 

We help tribes develop governance capacity, membership development, business research, social services expansion and assist with strategic planning.

The Village Public Safety Officer program brings village Alaskans needed local public safety services. 

VPSOs fight fires, organize search and rescue missions and provide emergency medical assistance in rural communities. 

KANA’s VPSO program trains and employs village residents as first responders to public safety emergencies such as search and rescue, fire protection, emergency medical assistance, crime prevention, and law enforcement. 

VPSOs also work with municipal and tribal leadership to prepare for natural disaster emergency response and recovery efforts. VPSOs have a significant impact on improving the quality of life in participating villages.

To learn more, visit the Alaska Department of Public Safety State Troopers VPSO page. 

To apply, use KANA’s Master Application.