Larsen Bay Reburial – Honor and Preservation

Larsen Bay, Alaska – June 11, 2024 – The profound reburial ceremony for recently unearthed ancestral remains brought together Larsen Bay community members, Kodiak Island Borough Mayor Scott Arndt, Rev. Stephen Wood, and VPSO Dale Boring, with support from KANA Communications and Environmental teams.

Discovered by hunters in 2023 and reported to the Alaska State Troopers and local VPSO, adverse weather conditions delayed the original fall reburial to June 11th. The group traveled to a new burial site, carefully chosen for its serene location above the beach on a fern-covered hill, providing a tranquil ocean view.

Led by Rev. Wood with guidance from the Alutiiq Museum, the ceremony integrated both Alutiiq and Russian Orthodox traditions. Songs and prayers accompanied the reverent return of the ancestral bones, believed to date back to the 1600s, to the earth.

The ceremony highlighted the significance of community unity and underscored the vital need to capture and preserve historical moments like this. Our shared traditions and spiritual connections are at the very heart of Alutiiq culture, making it essential to pass these down to future generations. The day fostered meaningful connections, reflecting our commitment to honoring and preserving its rich heritage.