KANA offers a safe place where our clients can learn skills to take control of their lives, enjoy healthy relationships, and maintain sobriety. We believe that every family and individual has strengths to help them live a healthy lifestyle. In order to support this, KANA has a comprehensive Behavioral Health Department that provides Mental Health Services, Substance Use Treatment Services, including individual and group counseling, resources for parents and youth, coordination of care, referrals and case management. KANA’s Behavioral Health services are staffed by Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians, Masters-level Clinicians, Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Case Managers, and Behavioral Health Aides, Behavioral Health Consultants, and State Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors. KANA provides an integrated model of care. Integrated care models combine primary patient care with mental and behavioral health services.

Primary care settings have become a gateway for many individuals with behavioral health and primary care needs. To address these needs, KANA’s primary care services integrate behavioral health care services into the clinic settings. Blending the expertise of behavioral and primary care providers creates a team-based coordinated care approach to address systemic illness in the patient. Many patients see their primary care provider as a trusted resource, so they are more likely to seek them out over a new specialist in mental health or substance abuse. And, because there is still so much stigma associated with behavioral health issues, intertwining care for these disorders with other physical illnesses normalizes treatment, improves access to care, increase in quality of care and can save lives.

We believe that every family and individual has strengths to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

To download the KANA Behavioral Health Handbook, please click here.