Financial Assistance

KANA Financial Assistance enables participants to engage in job training and educational opportunities that can lead to self-sufficiency. Emergency Assistance Grants are designed to help obtain and maintain adequate housing. Child Care Assistance helps eligible households seek or attend work, training or school.  General Assistance provides support to eligible families to help with living expenses and essential needs.

Financial Assistance

TANF — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – provides families with financial assistance and support to help with living expenses and other essential needs.

TANF is available to parents or relatives who care for Alaska Native/American Indian children in Kodiak city or Island villages.

The program helps enable self-sufficiency, so families can support themselves, their children, and the community.

Child Care can be essential to establish self-sufficiency. KANA’s Child Care Assistance program provides essential financial assistance to eligible parents seeking or attending work, training or school.

Child Care Assistance is available to Kodiak city and Island village households with Alaska Native or American Indian children. Assistance is available to households with children up to age 13; or up to age 18 if the child has a diagnosed developmental disability. If you need help, we encourage you to inquire.

Local Child Care Providers: Quality Improvement Grants

KANA Child Care Assistance program helps local child care providers. Annual grants are available to improve the quality of child care in Kodiak city and Island villages. Grants can be used to support: 

  • A clean, healthy environment 
  • Age-appropriate play and education 
  • Education and training for providers and staff
  • Meeting and maintaining health and safety standards 
  • Other expenditures to meet licensing requirements.

Quality Improvement Grants are not intended to pay for normal business expenses. To learn more, contact the Child Care Assistance program at (907) 486-9879 or

Child Care Assistance Application

KANA’s Emergency Assistance Grants help pay for heating, rent and utilities, necessary home repairs, home heating equipment, insulation, airfreight charges and airfare, food, and other needs related to low or reduced income.

Grants are intended to help individuals and families find and keep employment, attend classes, make better use of available resources and maintain adequate housing.

KANA’s General Assistance Program provides assistance to eligible Alaska Native or American Indian individuals and families who do not qualify for tribal, federal, state or other public welfare programs.

The program helps participants prepare for, gain and retain employment by expanding opportunities for job training, education, and other activities that can lead to economic self-sufficiency.