Elder Services prioritizes the well-being and support of our Native Elders aged 55 and older. We offer comprehensive case management services tailored to meet their unique needs while celebrating and preserving our rich cultural values.

Elder Services encompass a range of valuable support. This includes referrals, paperwork assistance, and transportation assistance. We also provide Medicare assistance to ensure our Elders can navigate their healthcare needs effectively.

To foster community connection and cultural preservation, we organize regular gatherings where Elders can come together, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. Additionally, for our village Elders, KANA offers the Title VI Elder Meal program. In Larsen Bay, Old Harbor, Ouzinkie, and Port Lions, Title VI cooks provide weekly meals that can be enjoyed on-site, taken out, or delivered to the homes of disabled Elders. In Akhiok and Karluk, quarterly grocery boxes are sent out to support our Elders.

Recognizing the significant role caregivers play in our communities, Title VI also offers caregiver support. We assist those caring for their Elderly loved ones or grandparents raising their grandchildren. This support includes the purchase of durable medical equipment, respite care, and even school supplies for grandchildren.

Our Elders are our culture bearers and beloved members of our communities. We cherish their wisdom and leadership and strive to provide the necessary support and resources to elevate their quality of life.

Contact us at (907) 486-1368