#iKANAdoFIT Social Media Contest

logo-bar (2)KANA recognizes that social media plays a significant role in how youth interact, learn and model behavior.  In order to stop the rapid increase in diabetes prevalence and chronic disease among our youth, we need them to buy-in to a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity.  Through social media “share” activities, we hope to encourage our youth to become active spokespersons in their communities about the importance of regular physical activity and build a following of people young and old who aspire to be like them.  Our #iKANAdoFIT Contest aims to leverage the love of the share and create a following of young persons who live and promote an active, healthy lifestyle connected to Alutiiq tradition.

The #iKANAdoFIT contest is open to all youth and young adults aged 10-25 years in the Kodiak area June 8-September 30, 2016.

To enter, participants can share photos or videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Vine using the hashtag #iKANAdoFIT (sharing with this method is limited to your privacy settings)and one chosen from the categories below.  Submissions may also be uploaded through a contest link on our Facebook page.  Prizes include sports apparel, outdoor gear, gift certificates for massage, a membership to Kodiak Athletic Club or Community Pool, gift cards to iTunes, Amazon, Orion’s, Big Ray’s, and more!


  • Native Traditions #RockTradition  
    How do Native Traditions inspire you to live a healthy life?
  • Nature’s Beauty #RockNature 
    How does nature inspire you to live a healthy life?
  • Exploration #RockExplorer 
    What new places have you discovered as you live a healthy life?
  • Conservation #RockRespect 
    How do you show respect for our island and the environment as part of your healthy life?
  • Wildlife and Plants #RockLife 
    What do our plants and animals teach us about living a healthy life?
  • Get Others Involved #RockLife 
    How can you inspire others to live a healthy life?

Please encourage the youth in your life to tell their story and inspire others to share theirs too.