Healthy Kodiak

Healthy Kodiak is health outreach and education initiative strengthened by community participation and collaboration. We believe everyone contributes to the health of our community no matter what their age, cultural background, gender, or economic status. Healthy Kodiak wants to bring like-minded businesses, organizations, and individuals together to promote healthy lifestyles through fun activities, events, and educational opportunities accessible to all. See below some of the ways we promote health education in our community, and visit our website.

Healthy Kodiak

Learning while doing is a great way to really understand a topic. Our workshops cover topics like mental and physical health, healthy relationships, cultural arts, subsistence, emergency medical skills, outdoor safety, bullying prevention and more!

Get active and inspired with community challenges that encourage foraging, hiking, cooking, self-care, mental health and other healthy behaviors. Compete with your friends and family for prizes and to stay motivated.

Healthy Kodiak partners with other organizations to support, promote and host health fairs, conferences, and learning events.

Local businesses, organizations, and individuals who find value in our vision are invited to join us to expand the impact of our individual contributions to community health. We are always looking for great ideas to promote health and wellness. If you have a great idea but aren’t sure how to make it happen, we can help. And, if you have a planned event that aligns with our vision, contact us to discuss how we can help support and promote it. Let’s make it easy for our community to find out about upcoming health and wellness events by working together.