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The newly remodeled KANA Wellness Center, located at 3400 East Rezanof Drive, offers a wide selection of cardio, strength, and functional training equipment to provide variety in your program and keep you challenged. The Wellness Center facility and programs offers resources for all ages and abilities of Native beneficiaries and Veterans enrolled for care at KANA.

Our facility offers state of the art Life Fitness exercise equipment reflective of our desire to help you reach your fullest potential, including Life Fitness Optima Selectorized, Life Fitness Signature MultiJungle, Hammer Strength Series and Synergy 360 Versa XL machines for individual and group training. You can also find a wide array of weights, accessories, and more, everything you need for innovative workouts and endless exercise combinations.

Even if you’ve never been in a gym before, our welcoming and knowledgeable staff provide personal assistance to help you gain confidence in the gym and get the most from your workouts.  Whatever your health and fitness goals, the KANA Wellness Center can help you reach them.

Services Offered Include:

Supervised Exercise Plans

Achieve your health and wellness goals more quickly with one of our certified personal trainers.  Take the guesswork out of your workouts with plans designed just for you and a personal coach to encourage you along the way.  Call the Wellness Center to set up your consultation today.

Massage Therapy

Inquire with your medical provider about integrating massage therapy into your treatment program for pain management, stress reduction, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.  Once you receive a referral, you may schedule your appointment with any of KANA’s reception staff.

Group Fitness Classes

If you like working out with other people, try one of our group classes - it’s a fun and social way to get your exercise in while establishing healthy habits.

Physical Activity Program for Diabetes & Chronic Disease Prevention

Commit to better health with the support of the Wellness Center in combination with your KANA Care Team. Our guided physical activity program will provide coaching and teach you how to make small, sustainable changes to your daily habits that will add up to significant health benefits.  Work with a personal trainer and dietitian for accountability and maximum results!

Wellness Center Registration Forms:

To get started to a healthier lifestyle, please fill out the Registration Waiver 2022, fill out the COVID Waiver 2022 and review the Policies of Use and Conduct 2022:

Registration Waiver 2022                        COVID-19 Waiver Form 2022                  Policies of Use and Conduct 2022