Kodiak Marketplace
(formerly AC building)

To view the LIVE Stream of the current status of Kodiak Marketplace, please click the link below:

Since the time of purchase, the building located downtown at 111 W. Rezanof Drive, generally referred to as the old AC/KRAFT store, has served as KANA's warehouse and as the home of a United States Postal Service office. In late August we began a construction project to largely demolish the existing structure and rebuild a new facility. The project seeks to support local economic development opportunities through the support of small business and microenterprise entrepreneurs and workforce training.

Kodiak Marketplace Development Plan:

  • The Kodiak Marketplace will expand local economic development opportunities as well as address space and programmatic needs affecting our community services and primary healthcare programs.
  • KANA plans to largely demolish the existing 45,000 square foot structure and rebuild a new two-story, 63,000 square feet facility conducive to supporting the community’s and KANA’s service needs.
  • The project is scheduled for completion date in June 2023.
  • The Kodiak Marketplace will provide mixed-use small business and retail space on the ground floor and meeting space and workforce and economic development services offices on the second floor.
  • Until construction is complete, the post office has been temporarily relocated to 428 Marine Way, next to KeyBank.
  • KANA’s healthcare, community, and social services capacity will expand through a realignment of new and existing program space.
  • The Marketplace will support food security activities such as warehousing and distribution for village elders, 6000 SF of community gathering, conference, and training rooms with an adjacent commercial kitchen, as well as 1500 SF of executive meeting space overlooking the downtown harbor. Business store front and meeting space will comprise the majority of square footage with a large open floor plan section to accommodate microenterprise markets, tradeshows, workshops, and workforce development opportunities.
  • Retail, meeting, conference room training/gathering, and commercial kitchen space will all be available to the community.
  • First-time store front business and microenterprise entrepreneurs will have access to high quality leasing space as well as small business development support all in the same building. The project is an investment in the Kodiak community through targeted small business supports, job growth, and local workforce training. The Marketplace development project will benefit Kodiak and outlying village communities, operating as a workforce and economic development hub to improve the viability of existing economies.
  • For information on available space for lease, please contact Greg Zadina at (907) 486-9820 or by email at greg.zadina@kodiakhealthcare.org.