Adult Employment Services

Native Americans and Alaska Natives that are unemployed or underemployed in the Koniag Region can apply for assistance from KANA's Employment, Training, and Support Services (ETSS) program. In order to chart a course to meet their goals for employment eligible applicants develop a self-sufficiency plan with the assistance of an ETSS case manager. ETSS case managers assist applicants with job searches, resume building, job applications, interview skills, career assessments, as well as to help arrange interviews with employers.

In addition, case managers provide eligible applicants with the support services needed to obtain and/or retain employment and participate in the activities included in their self-sufficiency plans. These support services can include, but not be limited to, transportation, childcare, meals and subsistence items, temporary shelter/housing, clothing, tools/gear, counseling, medical and dental services.

An Adult Employment Services Application can be downloaded here or on the forms page. To apply for Adult Employment Services, fill out the Master Application:  ETSS Master Application Aug1 2022