KANA Beneficiaries have several financial resources for their health care. However, not everyone qualifies for everything. Many factors determine which resources one is eligible for: age, income, and residency are just some of the qualifications for different programs. 

Fortunately, KANA has Alternate Resource Specialists who will help guide you through the options. They can explain the differences between financial programs, the hierarchy of when each can be used, and help you find out which you qualify for. 

Recently, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) introduced the Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance Program, also known as T-SHIP. Specifically designed for qualified Alaska Natives and American Indians, this program provides coverage for a variety of health care needs and is especially useful when traveling out of range of Tribal health facilities. 

Keep reading to learn more about the program and to see if you might be eligible for this valuable benefit. You can also meet with one of our Alternate Resource Specialists with further questions. Contact info is at the end of this article.


What is Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance?

Tribes and Tribal health organizations now pay for health insurance for Alaska Native and American Indian people who qualify. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) is offering Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance in Alaska.


Will Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance cost me anything?

No. ANTHC pays the monthly insurance premium cost. Alaska Native and American Indian people also do not have to pay any co-payments or deductibles when you are seen or referred by Tribal health facilities.


Why should I have Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance?

Health insurance can help make more services available for you and all Alaska Native and American Indian people. Health insurance can also help you receive medical care when you are traveling or away from Tribal health facilities.


How do I qualify?

You and your family can get Tribally-Sponsored Health Insurance if you:

  • Are a resident of the state of Alaska
  • Are eligible for services at a Tribal health clinic/facility
  • Are not covered by or eligible for Medicare Part A, Medicaid (Denali Care), Denali KidCare, TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or affordable health insurance through an employer.

Estimate your 2017 income and find if you are within the following guidelines.


Income Guidelines for Eligibility

See graphic for basic income eligibility.








Does this affect my current Alaska Native
health benefits?

No. You will always first and foremost be a beneficiary of Indian Health Service, Tribal hospitals and health clinics throughout Alaska and the United States.

Tribally-sponsored health insurance is an added health care benefit. You should use the Tribal Health System to ensure that your health care needs are being met and that you are as healthy as possible.


How can I get more information and sign up?

Contact a KANA Alternate Resource Specialist at 907.486.9800 to see if you are eligible. 

You may also contact the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium at 907.729.7777 or 855.882.6842, or by emailing