2018–2023 Strategic Plan

To Elevate the Quality of Life of the People We Serve

Core Values
Sugpiaq Alutiiq Values of Courtesy, Caring, Respect, Sharing and Pride

Strengthen Our People, Villages, and Communities 

Customer Service

Continue to improve KANA's internal and external communications 

  • Promote KANA’s high quality of care through storytelling

  • Increase emphasis on describing our programs and services

Promote Wellness:

  • Holistic medicine

  • Wellness Centers

Staff Development:

  • Develop transition plans
    – All Key Staff

  • Staff development and training
    – Employee retention
    – Provide opportunities for growth within KANA

Board Development:

  • Transition plan
    – Mentor emerging leaders
    – Ongoing training and support
    – Partner with other organizations to educate community on role of the Board


Focus on a comprehensive financial plan, balancing financial resilience and mission

Ensure diversified financial portfolio

  • Monitor political landscape
    – ACA and Medicaid
    – National/State
    – FCC subsidy 

  • Monitor compliance 

Village/tribal sustainability 

  • Ensure sustainable staffing 

  • Support services for tribal capacity 

  • Ensure right people engaged in resource boards and commissions 

  • Alaska Pacific University initiatives 

  • Tribal courts 

Ensure adequate support for hospital services in Kodiak 

Develop strategic partnerships with: 

  • ANCSA organizations 

  • State 

  • Tribes 

  • Alaska Pacific University

Quality Improvement

 Substance abuse prevention and treatment 

  • Work with the partners to cultivate support for ongoing needs

  • Increase prevention education programs in schools

  • Seek innovative solutions

  • Secure Opioid Funds

Support for Elders 

  • Help identify, train and support Personal Care Attendants for villages

  • Support transportation services

  • Elder Advocate

  • Develop training for families to understand issues with aging members

  • Continue to identify additional beds as needed for long-term needs

Maintain accreditation and compliance for associated operational site visits and reporting 


Our Organization

KANA provides integrated wellness services to the entire Kodiak Island community with focus on our Alaska Native Beneficiaries. Through our excellent customer service, KANA implements its cultural values to serve our community members when and where they need care.

Community Services

Child & Family Services

Economic Development

Elder Services

Environmental Management

Infant Learning

Public Safety

Tribal Operations

Workforce Development

Health Services



Behavioral Health

Child Advocacy Center

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services

Medication-Assisted Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Nutritional Counseling


Wellness Center

Women, Infants & Children (WIC)



Facilities & Maintenance



Human Resources

Information Technology