Not your typical parenting class!

All families have stress, but if you and your child spend more than half of your communication arguing, you are probably experiencing unhealthy levels of stress. KANA’s Parenting with Love and Limits (PLL) program is designed for caregivers whose children (ages 10–17) are struggling with chronic behavioral or emotional problems.

In 2012, KANA was awarded a license to open a PLL Center of Excellence. Since then, PLL has served 64 families, which translates to approximately 175 individuals. This year, we have served twenty families, exceeding the clinical minimum goal of eighteen.

PLL is not your average parenting class: we work with families through group and individual therapy to target not just a child’s behavior, but the underlying causes of it.

We teach skills to avoid caustic communication. Each family creates a contract so that expectations, rewards, and consequences are clear—with a strong dose of playfulness and fun built in. Rules, without a relationship, lead to rebellion. But children thrive when their caregivers’ healthy limits are backed by love.

PLL gives parents concrete tools to deal with their child’s disrespect, sibling fighting, failing grades, arguments about chores, truancy, drug/alcohol use, leaving home without permission, depression, or self-harm. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the families we serve by reducing stress in the home through restoring nurturance and establishing healthy limits.

If you are tired of battling with your child or are worried about your child’s choices, there is hope. Typically, families participate in two sessions a week for about two months. This allows us to help families overhaul unhealthy habits in a brief amount of time.

The families we serve have become stronger, armed with tools to communicate more effectively. One of our recent graduates noted: “My kids are coming home earlier than their curfew time, everyone’s on the same page, and we look forward to spending time together. At first, my daughter thought the contract was stupid and now she’s glad we have it.”

Read more about PLL here, and call KANA’s Parenting with Love & Limits team at 907.486.9811 to get started on the path to a happier, healthier family.