The ARENA Project

Arctic Remote Energy Network Academy

KANA’s Economic Development Project Manager Tyler Kornelis was selected to participate in ARENA. The ARENA project brings together a group of participants for three on-site, week-long workshops to visit projects and learn from current technology, community, and project development leaders. This inaugural class of 20 participants comes from Greenland, Canada, Iceland, Russia, and Alaska. The program combines classroom and laboratory demonstrations with visits to communities and sites operating on renewable energy resources.  

“Participation in the ARENA program provides me with great exposure to the variety of technologies available to help reduce dependence on diesel fuels to power our micro-grid communities in the Kodiak Region,” Kornelis says. “My network of renewable industry professionals and experts has grown immensely by participating in ARENA. Integrating renewable energy generation with traditional diesel systems is a challenging proposition, but I think we have great opportunities ahead.”