2,625 Tons of Scrap Metal Removed from Island Villages

From June 2015 to December 2016, the village communities in the Kodiak Island Archipelago participated in a massive clean-up effort resulting in 2,625.5 tons of scrap metal. 27,939 pounds of lead acid batteries, 1,715 pounds of electronic waste, twenty-nine 55-gallon drums of contaminated fuel waste, and 540 gallons of paint, chemicals, and other household hazardous waste removed for recycling off-island. 

The Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) Grant titled “Village Metals Project” utilized Federal funds managed through the US Fish and Wildlife Service, received by the Kodiak Island Borough in 2013.  The Kodiak Island Housing Authority and the Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA) created agreements with the Kodiak Island Borough to administer the project. 

Along with making the coastal village communities cleaner and safer, local technical capacity was grown and local employment was achieved.  Village resident participants attended technical training classes, developing skills that will be retained locally.  Employment totaled 8,885 hours of local labor, injecting over $250,000 in wages into local economies. 

Listen to KMXT's coverage of the program:

Port Lions Metals Yard, stacked cars, January 2016

Ouzinkie, Fly over dump, 9-16-15

PL Tank Dismantle13 Nov '16

PL Tank Dismantle5 Nov '16

Ouzinkie, drums, 7-22-15

PL Tank Dismantle Nov '16

Ouzinkie, crushed metal pile, 7-22-15

Ouzinkie baled cubes, September 2016

Ouzinkie, complete automobile, 9-16-15

Ouzinkie Ewaste backhaul, 1-6-16

ORI, Field Training, class photo, Nov 2015

Larsen Bay

Abandoned truck, KYK Beach 5, 9-21-15

Metals from Akhiok Larsen Bay 12 October 2015

Akhiok Loose Metal Debris, Helenka B, October 2015

Clyda Beach Helenka B Larsen Bay 29 May 2016