KANA Transportation Services



Road rules: A Guide to KANA Transportation Services

If you or someone you know needs assistance in physically accessing health care needs, here’s what you’ll need to know. KANA provides limited van service to Elders, children and other vulnerable patients who do not have transportation of their own to KANA for the purpose of health and social services. 

How is eligibility determined?

Priority is given to Elders and for urgent medical and behavioral health appointments. The KANA van may provide eligible patients/clients with transportation to/from scheduled appointments at KANA facilities for the following services:

  • Medical, including special tests at PKIMC
  • Behavioral Health, including substance abuse services
  • Dental
  • Appointments with KANA social services providers (WIC, Vocational Rehabilitation, Infant learning, Child Services).

How do I schedule a ride?

When scheduling your appointment with Patient Services, make sure to let them know you will need transportation. The van is scheduled on a first come first serve basis and requires at least 24 hours’ notice. Van appointments requested with less than 24 hours’ notice will be provided if the schedule permits. Urgent and same-day appointments may be considered.

What happens if the Van isn’t available during my requested time?

In the event that the van is unavailable during your requested pick up time, an earlier time may be offered to you with the understanding that you will arrive early and will have a wait time before your appointment. Your appointment time will not change. Patients may be offered the option of the Kodiak Area Transportation System (KATS) Dial-A-Ride to transport them to/from their home. This service will be at no cost to the patient. The KATS Dial-A-Ride does not guarantee availability inside the 24 hours window of your appointment so please let the KANA front desk staff know about your transportation needs as soon as possible.

What if I told Patient Services that I didn’t need a ride, but my circumstances have changed and now I need one after all?

If you later decide that you require van transportation, you can contact the health clinic front desk to schedule a time for pick up, giving at least 24 hour notice. Priority will be given to transportation for Elder appointments. Van appointments requested with less than 24 hours notice will be provided at the schedule permits. 

Can I use the KANA van for services unrelated to appointments at KANA?

The KANA van does not typically provide transportation for:

  • Medication delivery or pickup
  • Picking up/dropping off paperwork, checks, or other items
  • Appointments with service providers outside of KANA’s facilities. (Please note: the van may be used to shuttle patients between KANA and PKIMC for tests related to their appointments at KANA or to other facilities for KANA-referred appointments.)
  • Wellness Center usage
  • Personal errands
  • Patient pick-up/drop off at the airport. (Please note: The KANA van may be used to shuttle Elder patients who are being referred by KANA to healthcare services in Anchorage to/from the airport during regular business hours, as schedule permits.

Special circumstances:

There are always circumstances that arise that both the team at KANA or patients wouldn’t have otherwise predicted. Special accommodations will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you have additional questions about KANA Transportation Services, call 907.486.9870 or email us at info@kodiakhealthcare.org.