Genealogy Workshop: Aug 11 + 12

Most people know who their grandparents are and could name a handful of cousins. If you’ve wanted to delve deeper into your ancestry, Tangirnaq Native Village will be hosting a two-part genealogy workshop in August with local Researcher Marti Murray.

Marti has spent many years recording history with Native communities in Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands. She has worked with the National Park Service, Native Village of Afognak, and the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association on various projects to identify ancestors and map out family histories.

She says that tracing coastal Native families is both challenging and intriguing. People have moved for many reasons over the centuries—for food, work, war, marriage, or adventure. When a village’s ancestry is examined alongside a timeline of events and history, movement trends and outside genetic introductions can be traced.

Over her years of research, Marti has developed a thorough database of family lineages and has facilitated workshops to help people discover their own families. While she has information on many Alaskan families, she encourages people to make discoveries for themselves. She finds that they’ll find more value in the information when their own efforts are part of the process.

She says it’s also a way to actively reconnect and identify with one’s culture. For someone who has physically moved away from their heritage, tracing relatives has a powerful effect of reminding them that they are part of a cultural legacy.

In the August workshop, participants will learn how to research ancestry with the resources available in Kodiak. Marti will also provide one-on-one assistance for a limited group. A four-generation pedigree can also be requested for $25. The workshop is free, but reservation is encouraged:

Genealogy Workshop
@ Koniag Corporation Conference Room

Friday, August 11   1:00–4:00pm
Presentation day. No RSVP needed.

Saturday, August 12   10:00am–1:00pm
Workshop day. Limited space / RSVP.

2006 Woody Island Tribal Retreat. Chris Woolley, Dr. Gordon Pullar, Papa George Inga, and Paul Kahutak examine a wheel chart of the village in 1936 to show the relationship between families.