Economic Development

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

KANA US Economic Development Administration Native Planning Grant

KANA is a recipient of a US Economic Development Administration (EDA) Native Planning Grant. Within KANA’s organizational structure, KANA's EDA Program is part of the Community Services Department. The Economic Development Coordinator works in collaboration with local City, Borough, public and private sectors, as well as village entities that will goal of improving the economic status of Kodiak Island’s rural villages. The Regional Community Plan document will be the framework in which we can advocate and provide technical assistance to Kodiak’s Alutiiq communities to ensure a strong economic future for generations to come. It was agreed upon from the participants of our regional CEDS planning meeting that this document will be named the Kodiak Archipelago Rural Regional Community Plan. This plan highlights each of the six village communities, giving insight into the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, as well their economic visions and goals.


To promote and protect the economic and social well being of the Native community through the creation and retention of long-term private sector jobs.  

FY 17 Scope of Work

1) Community and Regional Development Planning: Work in collaboration with local city and borough officials, public and private sector representatives, tribal governments and corporations, all comprising the Economic Strategy Committee and Village work groups, to provide the annual update to the Kodiak Rural Regional CEDS 2015-2020. 

a. Target to hold Strategy Committee Village Work Group meetings twice per year in each village community during which input on economic conditions and projects’ status will be obtained. Facilitate meeting to discuss each village communities’ vision, projects, and strategies for economic development. 

2) Economic Development Partnerships: 

a. Work closely with Kodiak Island Borough Staff and Assembly members to support economic development priorities in our village communities. 

b. Collaborate with the Kodiak Area Native Association’s Employment, Training, and Support Services (ETSS) department to provide our region’s population with the relevant workforce development opportunities and assist our region’s businesses and entities in hiring and training new and existing employees. 

c. In collaboration with the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, assist village communities in developing their action plans to implement Energy Priorities identified in the Kodiak Regional Energy Plan. Planning includes identifying potential energy efficiency and new energy generation options and assistance moving projects forward where possible. 

d. Economic Development Project Manager will partner with the Kodiak Area Leadership Institute (KALI) in the development and operation of the ANA Grant project establishing tribally owned agricultural businesses. Project Manager will collaborate with the Kodiak Harvest Food Cooperative to help develop the economic tie to the tribally owned agricultural businesses, including providing service on the Kodiak Harvest Food Cooperative Board of Directors. 

e. Economic Development Project Manager will provide Project Management support for business development opportunities/feasibility planning and community needs assessments. Support includes researching funding options, assisting in application completion and submittal, and Project Management Support, and service on the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. 

f. Economic Development Project Manager will participate in the Kodiak Rural Leadership Forum, providing updates on the CEDS and associated goals and objectives, the Kodiak Regional Energy Plan and associated goals and objectives, and obtaining input for planning documents. 

3) Economic Development Project Manager will monitor, analyze, and provide input into local, regional, and statewide planning documents and strategies, including, but not limited to: SWAMC CEDS, City and Borough Strategic Plans, Kodiak Regional Energy Plan, Downtown Kodiak Revitalization Plan, and State of Alaska CEDS. 

4) Work closely with the Alaska Economic Development Administration Representative, and other EDA staff in the development of economic development projects and/or planning efforts within the Kodiak Region. 

a. Research and develop framework for a business incubator program for the Kodiak Region, including completing the feasibility study and basic business plan. 

5) Research and develop framework for local, regional, state, and/or federal fisheries infrastructure investment in City of Kodiak that supports the current participants and new entrants to the small boat fishery. 

6) Enhance Economic Resilience initiatives in the Kodiak Region that address steady-state conditions. Initiatives include developing a Hazard mitigation plan, developing Business Retention and Expansion capabilities and practical implementation plan, and assisting businesses identified as necessary and promoting business continuity and preparedness. 

To view the report, click here: Kodiak Rural Regional CEDS - 2015-2020, 2017 FINAL